Vintage Lingerie in Church?

Vintage Lingerie in Church?

I am just back in the office after spending a whole week living in a remote converted church in the very far north of England. We had some fun with the cameras and various vintage lingerie creations in an historic setting. Once we got over the ‘spookiness’ factor (actually all in the mind) then the possibilities were endless…..

My home for the last 7 days - a converted church.
Built in 1818.
Classic 50's full slip.
A classic late 1950’s full slip.
A 1950's double layer nightie kept me warm at night....
Keep warm with a beautiful double layer vintage nylon nightgown.
In the vestry.....
In the Vestry.
Baby blue knickers.....
Pretty little baby blue knickers.
The cutest knickers....
How cute!
Beautiful 1950's classic cut full slip....
What a difference a slip makes….
Add a little more lace.....
Lace on Lace.
Beautiful reflections.
Bed post.
From a gorgeous lacy camisole.
Classic cut 1950's full slip....
Simply beautiful.
Peace and tranquility......

2 thoughts on “Vintage Lingerie in Church?

  1. Dear Emma,
    Adore the photos of those delectable undies. They look so soft, silky and sensuous, that I’d simply love to wear them and experience their erotic delights.

  2. What a gorgeous display of desirable lingerie, if only they were readily available, particularly those delicate panties.l

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