Vintage nylon knickers. Thank heaven for that!

Vintage nylon knickers. Thank heaven for that!

Knickers do a fine disappearing act in my shops.  If they are original genuine vintage and in either unworn or cherished condition they don’t stay on the shelves for long at all.  Listing them is like painting the Forth Bridge – no sooner than you finish the task then you have to start all over again.  I was working through this batch of lovelies and felt I just had to highlight them here though.  I use a new backlighting technique in the studio that seems to produce results that are crisp, clean and show the sheerness of the soft fabric really well.  Enjoy….

1960’s Dederon knickers from the old DDR.

Pretty pink nylon knickers by the little known British brand Wencine.

true vintage nylon bloomers knickers for sale by dreamdate

Sweet lemon traditional vintage English knickers.

Highly sought-after full nylon knickers by Minster’s ‘Will o’the Wisp’

These gorgeously soft french knickers are by Charnos.

David Nieper french knickers – tantalisingly diaphanous!

white nylon panties

English made French knickers

Knickers in the pool.  Why ever not!

St.Michael french knickers

St.Michael brand French knickers.

1960’s bubble frillies!

French knickers by David Nieper.

French knickers by David Nieper.

Beautiful lace detail on these British-made French knickers

These pretty all-nylon knickers were used as a photo prop for a couple of years before listing.

I think the lace is so delicate on these……

Another view of these delightfully feminine knickers…..

French knickers by Lux Lux.

French knickers by Lux Lux.

David Nieper french knickers……

Aren’t these pink David Nieper frenchies so pretty?

Sweet little St.Michael french knickers by Marks & Spencer and bearing their famous ‘blue label’.

English bubble knickers…..

So delicate!

What is not to love about these cuties?

More 60’s British bubble knickers…..

6 thoughts on “Vintage nylon knickers. Thank heaven for that!

  1. Hello,
    Do you have any knickers with an attached slip (what do we call them), and sheer seamless knickers both in size 18 thanks?

  2. Dear Emma,
    Your sheer , soft, silky, nylon knickers look simply divine.
    I am a long time devotee of wearing ladies nylon knickers and undies.
    Your web site is just what I’ve been searching for.
    Delighted to have found you.

  3. The pink Wencine knickers are absolutely gorgeous I assume ,hopefully incorrectly,that it’s unlikely that you may have them on offer at some point. I could live with those for all time!

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