The Revell Collection – true late 1930’s glamour nightwear

The Revell Collection – true late 1930’s glamour nightwear

For a decade that is remembered for the Depression years , the 1930’s – especially the late 1930’s – embraced opulence and sheer glamour, quite probably as a reaction again the deprivation that started the era off.   As you might imagine, few things reflected the luxuriousness of the later 1930’s than women’s lingerie, especially loungewear and nightwear that had been clearly inspired by the female stars of the cinema screen.   DreamDate was lucky enough to acquire part of the Revell Collection of fine bespoke lingerie, built up by socialite and ‘lady of means’ Josephine Revell.  As a result of shrewdly investing in mining concerns, Josephine Revell became independently wealthy and plied the Atlantic by luxury ocean liners between homes in England and New York.  These adorably beautiful garments are all handmade, bias cut, and still radiate high glamour today after well over 80 years.


4 thoughts on “The Revell Collection – true late 1930’s glamour nightwear

  1. Are any of these items still available to purchase from the revelle collection?

  2. Hi Nikkola – all the items featured here are available to purchase, although at present they are not listed on Etsy. I will send you an email. Kind regards, Emma

  3. Is your Reveel collection available for purchase? Prices if yes? Where are they for sale?

  4. Hi Patty,

    Sorry, the Revell Collection is now long gone I’m afraid – but please keep looking at my shops for more gems. Kind regards, Emma

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