So pretty – but what on earth do we call them?!

So pretty – but what on earth do we call them?!

Oh dear.  I am in a bit of a quandary.  What do you call these?  Actually I’m not in an immediate quandary because – not surprisingly – this particular item sold less than 30 minutes after I listed it, but just in case either you or I get another example in the future then surely we need to know what to call them.   Like everybody else, my first port of call is Google to see what the rest of the world calls them.  To be honest, all the alternatives are just as cumbersome as one another.   “Slip with built in panty” is a popular and fairly obvious one.   Then there’s “Slip and panty combo“, which is slightly better I suppose.  Next up is the awful “slip/panty combo“, something I’ll never use.  Its funny how its always ‘panty‘ and not ‘knickers‘ when it comes to describing these cuties too, but I won’t go down that route right now.  It just seems to me that these seemingly impractical yet incredibly pretty undergarments are sadly let down for want of a name.  No wonder they are not particularly common – nobody knows what to ask for.

So, am I missing something?   They certainly deserve a proper one-word name if there isn’t one out there already.  Shall we invent one then?  The ‘DreamDate‘?  Now there’s an idea.  “You look really sexy in that dreamdate”.  Hmmm.  Maybe not then.  In all seriousness, if you know what the correct un-cumbersome term is for these lovelies then please leave me a comment on this post.  I’d love to know your thoughts.  In the meantime though, enjoy these photos………

[Postscript: I have been contacted by an American lady to say she calls them ‘skirted panties’ which I think is another good description we can add to our list!]

nylon half slip knickers


8 thoughts on “So pretty – but what on earth do we call them?!

  1. Dear Emma,

    On Saturday 20th , I ordered two slips from you, and they arrived yesterday (Monday 22nd). They are beautiful and I am delighted with them, as well as by the speed and efficiency with which the order was handled. Thank you very much. I’m writing now with reference to the images above of the pretty “knicker combo” – I can understand the difficulty you have in deciding what you should call it! The text beside the image says it sold out within half an hour – I’m not surprised, as it is so lovely.

    Yours very sincerely,


  2. I prefer “Slip and Panty combo.” What a lovely dream of an item! I would love to have one if you should ever come across another.

  3. This is a lovely set. Not as lovely as you though Emma!!!!!
    Do these come in white? What sizes are available?
    How can I order one?

  4. So sorry Rodney but I’m afraid these were a one-off. I wish I had more, really I do. Keep looking though – you never know!

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