Rilsan. French knickers. (Well, knickers made in France).

Rilsan. French knickers. (Well, knickers made in France).

Just in are these beautifully soft ‘new’ and unworn vintage knickers (or panties if you must) in super feminine Rilsan fabric and made in France.  Rilsan is a French fabric name, rather than a brand name, and many manufacturers used Rilsan fabric to make the most gorgeous lingerie. Rilsan is otherwise known as ‘Nylon 11’ and is a derivative of castor oil, so it was a ‘green’ product long before it was fashionable to be so.   Rilsan is more dimensionally stable than standard nylon, is resistant to surface abrasion and copes with hot, humid conditions better.  On the downside, if you are ironing Rilsan then make sure you have a very cool iron indeed as its melting point is much lower than most other nylon fabrics.  You have been warned!   Anyhow, less of the science – aren’t they lovely?

3 thoughts on “Rilsan. French knickers. (Well, knickers made in France).

  1. I’ve waited for ages to find you and I look forward to buying your knickers. As a cross- dresser I value very feminine clothes and I also like the 1950s look, which I think epitomises elegance and style. Love Sheila xx

  2. How can I buy the item in the picture size 5. I can bring them up no price or item number. please help me purchase this item.

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