In praise of vintage nylon slips – which should I buy and why?

In praise of vintage nylon slips – which should I buy and why?

Don’t forget bed time – time to wear your slip as a nightie

Choosing the right slip for you is important

Week on week I get many emails and messages from people out there who would love to buy their first vintage nylon slip but don’t quite know which type of slip is best for them. Normally, I bounce the question back to them and ask them how they want to wear the slip once it arrives. 40 or 50 years ago the natural assumption was that you would, of course, wear your slip under a dress. Slips in the mid-20th century were worn to perform a function – to provide perfect ‘fluidity’ between your body and your dress so it didn’t ride up when you bent down or turned. Almost simultaneously and not surprisingly slips were also made to be seen and admired. They were indeed works of pure beauty, objects of desire – quite literally. Slips took on a life of their own, so to speak, and were being worn as objects in their own right. Mirroring the ultra glamorous lingerie of the stars of the silver screen, women everywhere were saving up to buy the higher end brands of slip with shoelace straps, oodles of frothy lace and pleats, stunningly intricate lace insets and made from the finest fabrics possible. Although opacity seemed to be the order of the day in North America, over in Europe sheer, almost transparent slips were very popular – reinforcing the idea that slips were worn for reasons well beyond their original raison d’ĂȘtre. It is this genre of slip that has kept interest in this deliciously feminine garment going to this day.

Practical or impractical? Both are winners, but you need to know what you are buying.
This stunning slip is lovely to wear and admire, but not so good as a nightie!

Life is too short to wear mediochre underwear


Back to the present day, buyers of these alluring, delightfully feminine yet mildly impractical slips undoubtedly want to own a direct link to those earlier days of unashamed glamour. Maybe they are collected and preserved, to be taken from the wardrobe every now and then and admired. I would hope they are worn though – they deserve to be.

…..and so to bed……

Going back to the original question of ‘what type of slip should I buy?’, one of the most overlooked reasons you might want to buy a slip is to wear it in bed, just like a nightie. What is not to love about wearing a lovely slip in bed? They are beautifully soft, silky, and single-layered (cooler in summer yet cosy in winter), delightfully feminine enough to glide about the bedroom in, and a real antidote to the depressingly almost unisex intimate attire women are expected to wear in bed these days. Of course, the wider strap slips are best for wearing in bed – the much thinner ‘shoelace’ straps may look more feminine and glamorous but are prone to ‘snapping’ as you, er, roll around in bed.

What is not to love about wearing a lovely slip in bed?

Do I need to spell the advantages out to you?

So, in conclusion, a buyer’s motive for purchasing a certain slip could be for many reasons – but you should never discount wearing a slip as a nightie. It helps keep these gorgeously feminine garments ‘alive’ and gives you much joy in doing so. Give it a try. Sweet dreams…….oh, and your Comments and thoughts are always welcome – just type away in the box below……