Half Slip Heaven II – more vintage half slips

Half Slip Heaven II – more vintage half slips

It seems we all love half slips.   My first half slip gallery – Half Slip Heaven – is by far the most viewed posting on this website.  So, in the interest of pleasing as many of my visitors as I can, here is a second collection of photographs from my stock of beautiful half slips.  What is your favourite feature of a half slip? As ever, your thoughts and comments are always welcome.  Enjoy!

silky soft half slip by DreamDate

This little cutie already has three layers and is definitely fun to wear

vintage Schranks nylon petticoat half slip

A delightfully flouncy and sheer 1950’s vintage half slip / petticoat by Schrank’s

Vintage Artemis peach nylon half slip underskirt DreamDate

I love the elaborate applique decoration on this 1960’s Artemis half slip

A delightful Seamprufe nylon petticoat

A 1950’s bias cut rayon half slip

A really pretty half slip by Bari

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