DreamDate Packaging Policy

I am often asked various questions about how I ship my lingerie orders – usually centred around the issues of discretion and if the contents are identified in any way on the package, as well as the security (durability) of the package.   These are all perfectly legitimate questions to ask.  There are lots of reasons why total discretion is required, not least because the items could be bought as a gift for someone.  So, on this page I will try to put minds at rest by explaining a little more.  Firstly, here is a photo of an actual DreamDate package (imaginary address though, obviously!):

The first thing I hope you’ll notice is how utterly boring it looks!  Although you can buy plastic mailers in bright pink these days, I would never use them.   In case the package gets lost, I have to put my return address on there, but even that is shortened to the minimum.  There is no mention of ‘DreamDate Vintage Lingerie’ or anything like that – just my name and a basic return address.   If you live in the UK or any of the other European Union (EU) nations then that’s it – I don’t have to use a customs declaration.   If you do live anywhere else, such as the USA, Canada, Australia or NZ, then I am obliged to put a CN22 Customs Declaration on the package.  Don’t worry though – it is only a small declaration and, to be fair, doesn’t ask many questions anyway.  It does ask for a description of the contents and although I wouldn’t want to break the law by lying on the form, I do have the option of choosing my words carefully.  So – rather than putting ‘lingerie’ down on the form, I use the word ‘garment‘ instead.   ‘Garment’ is a great word to use – it doesn’t break the law by falsely declaring the contents but it is not hugely specific about them either.  I have sent thousands and thousands of packages like this over the last 8 years.  ‘Garment’ could just as easily mean a t-shirt, a pair of socks, or a scarf.  Discretion is the key here.  Here is an example of a CN22 Customs Declaration, duly filled-in:

So, nobody’s the wiser as to the contents of the package but is it robust enough to survive the journey without the contents spilling out?   It most certainly is!  I spend more than I have to on better quality grey mailing bags, rather than the thinner gauge cheaper versions you can buy.   Every item is carefully wrapped in tissue paper, before being placed inside the grey mailer.  Strong, secure, discrete – all the things you are looking for.   I really hope this article helps with any questions you may have.