British 1940’s CC41 Utility Label side buttoned satin knickers

British 1940’s CC41 Utility Label side buttoned satin knickers

I just had to turn the spotlight on these truly adorable British-made 1940’s side-buttoned satin knickers – known at the time as ‘skirt knickers’.  These cuties bear the ‘CC41’ wartime ‘utility’ label, from a time when shortages meant that everything had to be made to a rationed standard to save on resources.  That is why these pretty knickers only have thin lace along the ‘hem’ as anything else would have been unnecessarily wasteful.  In return for their sacrifices, the Board of Trade guaranteed the British public a certain high standard of manufacture with CC41 as well as exemption from the newly introduced wartime sales tax.  Lingerie items in such great condition as this are rare – they are around 70 years old, don’t forget – so when I get them I tend to make a noise about it.

1930s satin knickers

In true CC41 1940’s Utility style these cute satin knickers don’t have elastic all around the waistline.  Instead they have a small section of elastic at the back (token, really….) and two buttons to the side to fasten.  As such, size really matters.  If you are buying to collect, then fine, but if you are buying to wear you must bear in mind that these can be quite unforgiving when it comes to fit.  These beautiful knickers are designed to fit tightly around the waist but just ‘skimming’ your hips, as they say.

The British ‘CC41’ utility mark.


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  1. Hola Emma, son realmente preciosas y muy sexy para la coleccion de un felicitaros.

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