An old New York hosiery store.

An old New York hosiery store.

I was lucky enough to obtain a large quantity of trade samples and stock from an old New York hosiery store that had long since ceased trading and scheduled for re-development.  They all date from the late 1950’s to the early ’60’s and, mostly, fall into the desirable non-stretch sheer nylon variety, each pair having a ‘natural’ gloss to the fabric surface.  Brands include diaphanous lovelies courtesy of Kayser, Wieboldt’s, Agilon, Berkshire, Mojud, Van Raalte, Bur-Mil Cameo, Corbett’s and many others.  They have all gone for listing now, and disappearing fairly fast, but not before I took some studio photographs of them for the record.

2 thoughts on “An old New York hosiery store.

  1. The feel of a genuine nylon stocking on legs is wonderful and the lovely hiss as they rub together when crossing and uncrossing legs is heavenly.

  2. Hi and not to mention touching them and sliding ones hand up a ladies leg, who’s wearing some! what a sensation, all too rare in the modern world.

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