Just for fun – alternative reasons for wearing a slip!

Just for fun – alternative reasons for wearing a slip!

The battle for the resurgence of the slip as a mainstream undergarment is lost. This isn’t the 1950’s and lets face it, women will never wear slips like they used to for reasons of practicality. So, is that really the end of the story? Is there any hope at all for the slip? If slips are no longer in every girl’s wardrobe for practical reasons then could they be cherished just for their beauty alone? Of course they can!

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“Hurray, the slip is coming back!”

Even the quickest of Google searches for “the slip is coming back” (or words to that effect) will show any number of false starts going back over the years. It certainly made good reading at the time and maybe a glimmer of hope to lovers of the slip everywhere, but that hope would – as ever – prove to be false. I put it down to lazy journalism. Every now and then someone with nothing else to do would publish an article proclaiming the return of the glamour slip, illustrated by at least one photo of Liz Taylor or Marilyn Monroe looking all glam, plus a few photos of slips lifted from the internet (including one or two of mine, as it happens). It filled a page or two on a website or magazine with harmless fun and sexy imagery but the fact remains that the predicted return of the glamour slip turned out each time to be a false dawn.

It’s a generational thing.

It really is a generational thing and more than enough time has gone by to virtually erase the memory of the slip as an essential undergarment. Apart from being fondly remembered by Baby Boomers and older, plus a few younger aficionados like me for whom the ‘penny dropped’, the slip means virtually nothing to modern women when it comes to everyday wear. Sad, dear reader, but true. As a girl born in the late 1970’s even I missed out on the era of the everyday slip. By the time I was old enough to wear a slip myself it was effectively all over. Women had moved on. As a young teenager I had a half slip bought for me as a present. I never appreciated it and I certainly never wore it. Too ‘old fashioned’ and, for me, ‘impractical’. It lived in my undie drawer unloved and unworn until I passed it on to the local charity shop after one of my occasional clearouts.

The slip is dead – long live the slip!

So. It’s not difficult at all to establish the fact that slips have all but vanished from undie drawers up and down the country. So why, then, is the present-day vintage slip market so buoyant?

One key phrase sums the whole thing up: “To Have and To Hold“. It is clearly not enough to just look at old vintage photographs of pin up sex-bombs wearing not much more than a silky sexy slip and wishing you were wearing it yourself. Now you have to own it yourself. Of course just one slip is not enough to satiate the desire for these oh-so-pretty things and further purchases often ensue. It is an impulsive incurable desire in all slip aficionados. Even I am not on the outside looking in – I personally own over 5000 beautiful vintage nylon slips.

Its seems that although the slip has fallen into disuse for all those noble well-documented practical reasons, there are no shortage of people out there who just want to own a little bit of glamour. Whether they are collectors of beautiful vintage slips, or wearers of such, or both, there are plenty of people out there who delight in the finer points of these delightfully feminine undergarments and actively seek them out.

Yet ANOTHER delightfully feminine handmade half slip by Julia Michael.....

Don’t panic – this is an uplifting article!

Although it might seem a strange thing to say, to some degree the ‘slip scene’ is actually stronger now than it was in the more practical decades of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. What do I mean when I say that? Well, perhaps it could be argued that the slip is finally being appreciated for what they really are – items of desire and beauty. Finally they are being seen in all their feminine glory and not just hidden under dresses and skirts.

Slips are finally free from the constraints of practicality. It seems they are being loved and appreciated these days more than ever. Whilst we all can lament the fact you can’t find classic cut lacy nylon slips in lingerie shops anymore (and even they are dwindling in number) you can at least find them for sale online. If a beautiful slip from the 1950’s or 60’s can be bought today then you can be sure it has been lovingly cherished by its owners.

So dear readers, please continue to enjoy your ownership of beautiful vintage slips. If anything, you are bucking the modern trend towards underwear banality. You are keeping femininity for its own sake firmly at the top of the fashion agenda!

Emma x

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  1. Beautifully articulated Emma! I agree with your thoughts, sadly! I’m pleased we have you around to promote and share these beautiful items of sexy, feminine lingerie of what is now a ‘by-gone age’.

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