1950’s vintage bullet bras

1950’s vintage bullet bras

Looking for that ‘sweater girl’ pin-up look of the late 40’s and 50’s?  Presently, I have a large stock of beautiful 1950’s vintage bullet bras to process online.  Add to this a large number of 1950’s vintage ‘non-bullet bras’ in various styles too.  They all come in a variety of sizes and colours – although most tend to be either white, silvery white or black.  The bullet bras feature that familiar concentric stitching to the cups – you’d expect that of course.   Madonna brought the bullet bra back to everyone’s attention – or at least she thought she did – back in 1990 when she wore one on stage designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.  Actually, she was more than 40 years late and although the bullet (or ‘cone’, ‘pointy’ or ‘torpedo’) bra never really lost its appeal and was kept alive by aficionados and collectors who appreciated ground-breaking vintage fashion icons.  My stock comes from such a collection that I was lucky to acquire.  Actually, I am luckier than I think because although you can buy reproduction bullet bras these days, the genuine vintage article will always remain a little piece of fashion history……

Patti Page wearing a bullet bra for that classic ‘sweater girl’ look. 1955.

7 thoughts on “1950’s vintage bullet bras

  1. I have some more bullet bras in stock in various sizes – they will be coming up for sale over the next two or three weeks…..

  2. Do you have any bullet bras for sale, I can’t find them on your Web site my wife really likes the cream coloured one on the site l hope you have one for sale

  3. Can you please the largest bullet bra you supply my partner is 54 /f cup size can you supply this size.

  4. Hi there
    Love the site. My wife is 40F in a normal bra, we both would like to find a 1950s bullet bra for her to make the very best of her great breasts. We have looked for ages to find these type of retro bras in her size. Can you help where can I look.

  5. Hi – no bullet bras of that size in stock at the moment I’m afraid, but keep an eye on DreamDate Plus – the link is on this website 🙂

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