1950’s British made Bubble Knickers

1950’s British made Bubble Knickers

It seems that ‘proper’ original 1950’s and 60’s bubble knickers are definitely getting harder and harder to find.  While there are plenty of modern reproductions available these days, many of them hideously over-embellished to make them appear more ‘sissy’ (and therefore appealing only to specific buyers) so it seems if you want to wear the real thing instead then you need to start searching.  Luckily, I am able to offer more choice than ever before and these lovely British-made cuties are typical of the type.  Aren’t they lovely?


One thought on “1950’s British made Bubble Knickers

  1. Dear Emma,
    These knickers look sublime and as a devoted ladies nylon knicker wearer since puberty, I would love to own and wear a pair.
    Just looking at them is a major turn on for me.

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