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FORUM USERS PLEASE NOTE: This is a forum genuinely dedicated to all things vintage lingerie.  That means, like fine lingerie itself, it will be tastefully done or not at all.  This is a place for genuine serious collectors of vintage lingerie to hold discussions, a great number of whom will be female contributors, as well as TG/TS members who know how to enjoy their femininity in a proper manner .  They, and I, will not tolerate offensive and inappropriate posts from people who don’t understand how to behave in company.  There will be no warnings for ‘pervs’ or spammers – I’ll just ban them and delete their posts.  Ultimately, this forum is an experiment.  If it doesn’t work then I’ll just delete the whole thing.  Thank you for reading this…….. Emma.

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Newbies to the forum say 'hi' here.....

Hi all - Emma here just starting the ball rolling.   Share your love for delightfully feminine vintage lingerie here - but do remember to keep it clean.   Anyhow, I am female, 40-ish, married and a wearer, collector and seller of vintage lingerie.  I love the glamour of the old movies, mostly made before my time, and I wish we could bring back those lovely days of elegance and femininity.  Maybe we can, one day?   I look forward to hearing from you here......


Great idea to have a forum.  I am well into my 50s and have always loved wearing nylon lingerie especially slips



Hi to everybody, my name is Frances and I hail from Somerset in England.  I have been a vintage fashion fanatic for many years now and I love attending the 40's and 50's gatherings with my husband during the year as well as the vintage fairs.  In fact Emma, I remember buying a superb late 1940's 'new look' shiny green dress from you when you used to have your huge sale area on the mezzanine floor at the York vintage festival.  We chatted for quite a while.  I haven't seen you there for two or three years at least.  Have you finished with the fairs all together?

I didn't know you were into vintage lingerie as well - love the blog and the shops!

I must learn how to upload my photo but all things in time.

Nice to catch up with you once again!