The cutest knickers!

The cutest knickers!

1950’s English frilly nylon full-cut bubble knickers. The REAL thing!   Made by a long-forgotten company, Brontë, and probably in Yorkshire judging by the name.  I am currently listing a huge number of similar nylon knickers (sorry, panties) from the 1950’s and early 1960’s and so far they are proving very popular with collectors and wearers alike.

“Silkeagtig nylon trusser” to the Danish!

“Seidige Nylon-Schlüpfer” to the Germans!

“Culottes en nylon soyeux” to the French!

“Mutandine di nylon di seta” if you are Italian.

One thought on “The cutest knickers!

  1. Wow these knickers look absolutely stunning and somewhat seductive. Certainly something Jane Eyre would have worn in front of Mr Rochester!

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