Panties or knickers? Oh, what’s in a name.

Panties or knickers? Oh, what’s in a name.

Our stocks of the cutest 1950’s and 60’s British knickers continue to increase month-on-month – as do our new customers, who we know really appreciate their beauty…..

Seductive sexy British ‘Weavermill’ 1950’s vintage sheer flimsy classic black bri-nylon, frilled lace full panties or ‘bubble knickers’. These lovely panties with a traditional tunneled elasticated waist are of delightful sheer semi transparent black nylon with layers of beautiful delicate frilled lace overlaid to the front of the legs while a soft sensuous double nylon gusset completes the look.  An absolute ‘must have’ for any vintage underwear collection and in lovely condition too!

Desirable British 80’s vintage ‘Gossard’ silky soft glossy buttermilk polyester and delicate matching lace wide leg knickers tap panties. These gorgeous sexy knickers have an elasticated waist and are of delightful shiny satin look polyester fabric adorned at the wide legs with a beautiful layer of matching floral design lace, both front and back. Lace inserts also form the bow trimmed side seams which feature a sexy split to facilitate ease of movement and a more comfortable fit.

Made in England!  Adorable 1950’s vintage ‘Ingrasyl’ sheer flimsy floaty pale peach nylon and delicate lace and frill detail french knickers. These gorgeous sexy knickers have a traditional tunnelled elasticated waistline and are of delightful sheer filmy pale peach nylon adorned all around the legs with a delightful layer of the most beautiful delicate matching lace and frill detail while a deliciously soft matching double nylon seamed gusset completes the look.

9 thoughts on “Panties or knickers? Oh, what’s in a name.

  1. Hi Russell – a size is a size, to me! If you look at the items in my shops, each has its accurate size clearly shown. Just find the right size for you and place your order! Emma 🙂

  2. hello emma…your collection of vintage lingerie is just what i have been looking for…my problem is i can’ any other way but postal order…is this acceptable….thanks. rob..

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