Half Slip Heaven – vintage half slips

Half Slip Heaven – vintage half slips

Vintage half slips?  Its a plain fact that I tend to stock and sell more full slips than half slips.  I don’t know exactly why, but I do.  Looking at just how beautiful these lovely half slips are, I definitely should feature them more.  Ideal for wearing in conjunction with a skirt and blouse to create a seamless foundation underneath.  Half slips are also sometimes known as waist slips or even, erroneously, ‘petticoats’.   Whatever you decide to call them, half slips are a versatile, beautifully indispensable addition to any woman’s lingerie drawer.

vintage Warners half slip

Sweet little red half slip by Warners.

Beautiful Vassarette rare button-fronted half slip from DreamDate

Beautiful vintage Vassarette button-fronted half-slip.

deliciously feminine lacy pink half slip by vanity fair

Deliciously feminine light pink waist slip by Vanity Fair.

I just love the hem detail on this delightfully pretty half slip.  Do you?

Vintage Nylon Unterkleid und Unterrock zu verkaufen.  Ihre Kommentare sind willkommen…..

Elaborate fine floral lace – this half slip just has to be cherished.

This adorable half slip has the most wonderful floral satin appliques over fine lace.

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If you like lace then this is the Queen of half slips!

A sexy slippy slidy super silky soft bright red nylon half slip by Warners. DreamDate have over 5000 stunningly feminine vintage nylon slips in nylon and Perlon. See our Etsy shops today!

A beautiful bright red half slip by Warners.

I always have a beautiful selection of half slips for sale online…..

A deliciously feminine silky soft peach nylon vintage half slip from DreamDate. The delicate peach fabric has an almost glossy feel and is complimented by a deep layer of coffee coloured fine lace trim. We stock the loveliest, most delicately feminine half slips and full slips and ship worldwide.

Adorably feminine peach half slip with coffee lace.

If you like your half slips to be slippery silky soft and glossy, then you’ll love this delightful creation.

Isn't this the cutest sheer nylon vintage half slip? Made from ultra soft and milky sheer white Perlon this delightfully feminine waist slip has a pretty layer of fine lace trim and a deep layer of delicate accordion pleats. Available from DreamDate.

This delightfully feminine waist slip is made from super soft and sheer white Perlon and trimmed with pretty lace and accordion pleats.

3 thoughts on “Half Slip Heaven – vintage half slips

  1. They’re so provocative to men too – that delicate pretty lace and the glistening silky nylon when the lady’s skirt flicks momentarily, or she sits down with two skirt buttons undone … Your pictures are fabulous – nylon slip heaven.

  2. Wow! What a find! I just love half slips and I really am in Half Slip Heaven when I see these great photos. I’ll keep coming back to this page.

  3. They are so lovely but I haven’t worn a slip of any kind for years now – in fact I mostly wear trousers these days. Sad really, because they are beautiful, but its just the convenience factor and I suppose most other women are the same as me. Maybe they’ll come back into fashion one day?

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