Half Slip Heaven

Half Slip Heaven

Its a plain fact that I tend to stock and sell more full slips than half slips.  I don’t know exactly why, but I do.  Looking at just how beautiful these lovely half slips are, I definitely should feature them more.  Ideal for wearing in conjunction with a skirt and blouse, half slips are also sometimes known as wast slips or even, erroneously, ‘petticoats’.   Whatever you decide to call them, half slips are a versatile, beautifully indispensable addition to any woman’s lingerie drawer. 


One thought on “Half Slip Heaven

  1. They’re so provocative to men too – that delicate pretty lace and the glistening silky nylon when the lady’s skirt flicks momentarily, or she sits down with two skirt buttons undone … Your pictures are fabulous – nylon slip heaven.

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